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Some of the coldest, most darkest Italian flavored tracks from my 2006 purchases. Lights off please while listening.
Jan 2007
Topo & Roby - Under the Ice (Inst.)
Rekid - Ill Discotto
White Light Circus - Rocket Ride (Extended mix)
Skateb-rd - Flashes in the Night
Kerrier District - 110 bpm
In Flagranti - New And Non-Lubricated
Marcell Giorani - Narcos
Woolfy - The Warehouse (Lee Douglas remix)
Les Umins - Star De La Nuit (Home And Garden's Modern Living Mix)
Chateau Flight - Baltringue
Spirit Catcher - Galactik Flies
Putsch '79 - Doin It (Major Swellings Full Trommis Miks)
Optimus - Voodoo Sandwich
Munk & Chlo- - Ce Kul (Francisco Rmx)
Wind - Luxury
Lontano - Laser
#slowmo # italo # electro Jan 2007