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Just move to the music and enjoy yourself. Annoying others and misbehaving yourself means just asking for trouble. You might simply get bounced.Be ready to dance when you get on the dance floor. Don't stop or stand on the dance floor at any time. If you need to stop dancing, make your way off the dance floor. If you bump into any dancer, do not stop dancing but apologize (no matter who's fault). Always be polite with other dancers.
June 2011
Visti and Meyland - Leave Your Worries (Sportloto Delta Mix)
Julian Sanza - Fired Up (Toomy Disco Remix)
Telephones - Kanal
Downtown Party Network - Get A Life
the Mythical Beasts - Communicate (Alphabet City remix)
Daco - Drip Dry (YamWho remix)
Space Ranger - Nightmoves
the Backwoods - Breakthrough
Ilija Rudman - See (Martin Brodin Remix)
Mushrooms Project Present Soupaczar - So Mr Leary (Richard Sen Remix)
Reverso 68 - Well Heeled
Rotciv - Classic Age
Hot Toddy - Slave To You
Maximilian Skiba feat. Snax - Fire Dance (Ray Mang Remix)