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Originally made last January as a substitute for a Birthday Card for my girlfriend. Also seems every track on here is celebrating its 20th birthday as well! The mix basically turned into a smooth "Between-the-Sheets" electro mix for dreamtime dancing.
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May 2005
World Premiere "Share the Night" (Breakdown Mix)
Yvonne Gage "Lover of My Dreams" (Instrumental)
Krystal Davis "So Smooth" (Instrumental)
Kim Herte "Do You Wanna Dance (with me)" (Instrumental Electro Mix)
Victor "Go' On Do It"
the Funkacise Gang "Funkacise" (Instrumental)
Brenda Brayton "Shake"
Pretty Poison "Nighttime" (Dub)
Advance "Take Me To The Top" (Original Version)
Chemise "She Can't Love You" (Vocal)
Paul Simpson Connection "Treat Me" (Dubmental Mix)
Sinnamon "Thanks to you"
David Joseph "Let's Live It Up (Nite People)" (Instrumental)
#soul # disco # funk # boogie May 2005